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No Judgment No Stigma is a peer life movement created with the purpose of eradicating stigma around mental health and substance use disorder. We use our living experiences to push hope, raise awareness, provide resources, and advocate for those in recovery and their families. 

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Peer Support Specialists 

Peer support specialists are people who have experienced issues or hardships similar to what their clients may be dealing with. Through their own personal journeys, they have insight into their clients’ experiences. They use their knowledge and lived experience to offer supportive services and resources to clients, such as emotional validation, practical advice and referrals to other services.

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How will we work to eradicate stigma?

1. Increase public awareness of the importance of understanding and non-judgmental acceptance of mental health issues.

2. Initiate conversations about mental health and mental illness in an honest and open manner.

3. Promote positive messages about mental health and reducing stigma in the media and public discussion.

4. Ensure that those affected by mental health issues feel safe to speak about them openly and without fear of judgement.

5. Create partnerships between mental health organizations, educators, and health providers to raise awareness about mental health issues.

6. Educate and inform the public about the availability of services and supports for those living with mental illness and their families.

7. Educate the public on how to respond to people experiencing mental health issues.

8. Provide culturally sensitive mental health services for communities who traditionally do not have access to them.

9. Educate employers and employees in the workplace about mental health issues.

10. Advocate for increased funding for mental health services and supports.

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